Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Man tries to hug a wild Lion, what happened next was shocking


by Oge Okonkwo

It is not a movie neither is the lion fake so you can stop doubting now.
A South African Zoologist, Kevin Richardson also known as the lion whisperer,  has done what many could term insane in studying the behaviour and needs of animals, sharing a large amount of closeness with the animals and has earned the respect accorded to him too.
Like the biblical Daniel, the zoologist calls the lions his friends and says he is the ambassador of lions. The way he rolls around playing with these creatures could put fear into the hearts of any man and he amazingly gets to keep his body parts intact and live to tell the tale.
Now that’s an incredible feat to achieve!
More photos:
Lion Whisperer

lion hug

smiling lion

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