Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Miley Cyrus losing it? Kisses Female's Bare Boobs On Stage!!! (VIDEO & PICS)

This girl has gone bonkers!...lol, am trying to feel like i know English very well. But seriously what's wrong with her? I still don't know why everything she does still surprises me. Miley has been setting the bar high on her tour, doing everything from posing with sex toys before locking lips with singer Katy Perry.
Her latest is the 21-year-old provocatively burying her head into performer Ashley 'Amazon Ashley' Adair's breasts.
With the performer's chest already threatening to spill out of her dress, Miley's antics almost left the dancer's chest fully exposed.
When she was done, Miley quickly spun around and grabbed her own crotch. Am not sure what she's waiting for before she stars in a porn movie or releases her sex tape. Am still trying to figure out where she got it wrong...bad company? What do you think?
See more pics and watch video after the cut
Seems like it's itching her or something

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